Problem accessing analogue sensors on grove I/O ports of IoT HAT

I use Turta IoT HAT with Raspberry and try to add analogue sensors to grove I/O ports. I have MQ-2 and MQ-9 sensors from seeedstudio ( .

There are examples in Python from how to access sensors embedded into IoT HAT, but nothing about how to access sensors connected to external I/O ports. The only info is that they are directly connected to an ADC which uses microcontroller on 0x28 address over the I2C bus.

Has anyone implemented way to access such sensors via analogue grove ports using Python?


The analog input registers are 0x10 (AIN1), 0x11 (AIN2), 0x12 (AIN3), and 0x13 (AIN4) on 0x28 I2C device. They return 2 Bytes MSB first ADC values.
We’ll release the IO Port drivers for Python very soon.

Please note, MQ series sensors draw a high amount of current while using their heaters. We recommend using an external power supply for them. Please make sure the analog outputs do not go beyond 3.3V.