Pair to each turta and bluetooth

Can i pair two turta iot module each others. İf i can hows? And could anyone give feedback about bluetooth module on turta for any using.ty

Yes, you can pair two Turta IoT Nodes together via Bluetooth.

If you’re using Arduino IDE, try “Examples > ESP32 BLE Arduino > BLE Client & BLE Server” sketches.

Alternatively, take a look at to examples in the “ESP32 > ESPNow” folders. ESPNow uses Wi-Fi, which is easier to use.

If you’re using ESP-IDF instead of Arduino IDE, “ble_spp_client” and “ble_spp_server” examples in the Bluetooth folder should do the trick.

Please give us one or two weeks, so we publish an example code about Bluetooth pairing and messaging on our blog.

yea its working well. Thank you for help:)

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